Decorative Paper Pack in Orange, Magenta, and Mustard

Decorative Paper Pack in Orange, Magenta, and Mustard


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This pack contains 18 sheets of paper that are 8.5" x 11" each.

Handmade in India, these decorative papers are 100% recycled, using cotton scraps from the garment industry. The papers are tree-free.

This is a medium weight paper, lighter than cardstock. It is wonderful to use for a variety of paper crafts, including folding and cutting.

All of the papers in this pack are printed on a greenish gray paper that might be described as a mustard with a bit of green in it. We did our best with the image, and were able to get the screenprinted colors to come out well, but the background paper is not nearly as green as it appears in our image. The screenprinted colors are dark orange, peach, a redish magenta, gold, and one paper has some glitter outlines of a flower.

NP 145