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    These fiber-tip markers feature long-lasting, richly colored, washable inks and robust 2mm push-resistant tips that can survive without a cap for up to five weeks without drying out. Five weeks? Something about that says kids to us!

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    These 4" safety point pocket scissors can be used for sewing, needlecrafts, and crafts. Blunt points assure safe carrying in pocket or purse as well as snag-free carrying.  The handles are contoured for use with right or left hand.  The double-plated finish over nickel is durable.

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    Create your own stamps in a few easy steps! Transfer photocopies, ink-jet images, newsprint, and drawn images with this kit. The block is easy to carve, making this kit a good introduction to the art of stamp making.

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    Made from natural beeswax, these are great crayons and at a good price! They are pretty soft as crayons go, which means they are easy to use and give great coverage. A long time favorite in our shop! A box contains 24 colors.

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    Super FERBY colored pencils have highly pigmented thick leads and superior quality wood, delivering exceptionally bright, rich color, and less breakage. The large 7" length, .4" diameter size and rounded triangular shape provide a user-friendly comfort grip for small hands. The Waldorf Selection Set features a special assortment of unlacquered natural...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items