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    Customization is king. The handy portfolio format includes 25 original, reusable stencils along with tips and tricks for stenciling on all sorts of surfaces, from walls and furniture to T-shirts, cards, and even cake! Simple, step-by-step instructions are included.

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    The best soft-cut block for carving fine line detail. Easy to cut, flexible, and will not crumble or break. Use slightly warm iron to transfer images: pencil drawn, newsprint, freshly printed ink-jet and laser-print images. Use with water-soluble products.

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    Featuring a new twist-off end cap for easy cutter storage, these durable, hard plastic lino handles feature a chrome-plated, secure chuck system, making it easy to install and change cutters. Handground, buffed, and honed, the lino cutters are sharpened on the outside for optimal cutting precision. Made of high-quality steel, they are ideal for cutting...

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    Fine artist printmaking paper made in Thailand from a mix of kozo (mulberry) and bamboo fiber, the sheets are thin and strong, smooth on one side and lightly textured on the other. Experiment with both sides of the paper for optimal results. Ideal for lino blocks, silkscreen printing, Sumi painting, light water media, bookbinding, and digital photo...

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    These full-bodied, archival, water-soluble inks offer bold, brilliant, opaque colors and excellent transfer tack with minimal odor. Water clean-up. Gluten free and nontoxic.

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    Create your own stamps in a few easy steps! Transfer photocopies, ink-jet images, newsprint, and drawn images with this kit. The block is easy to carve, making this kit a good introduction to the art of stamp making.

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    Double glued, this mounted linoleum block will not separate, warp, crack, or peel. It is made from the highest quality linoleum and is great for producing sharp, clear prints without gaps or hollows. Ideal for use with both oils and water-soluble inks.

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