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    Vanessa Christenson of V and CO., who has a line of prints with MODA, brings the idea of beautiful texture into projects even for a beginner sewist with Make it Sew Modern: Gather, Pleat, Twist, Texture. Learn how to manipulate fabric to get the effect you want. Projects range from home decor to flowers, a cute bag, and children's clothing.

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    Take your gift, your potluck dish, or even your daily essentials, and wrap it all up furoshiki-style. This ancient, elegant Japanese art of enfolding objects in fabric is demonstrated with step-by-step instructions and a gallery of photos. What a great reason to dive into your fabric stash! Creative ideas for applying surface design techniques to make...

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    Discover how to manipulate and sculpt fabric by using such techniques as folding, cutting, pleating, tucking, gathering, and stitching, creating entirely new surfaces and textures in the process. The resulting fabrics look sophisticated and complex but are actually relatively simple and inexpensive to produce. 

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    Furoshiki is a centuries-old Japanese tradition of wrapping objects in a square piece of cloth. Originally used to transport necessities to and from public baths, merchants adapted the practice to carry, protect, and gift-wrap products. Learn the four basic knots and various folding methods used to create handbags, backpacks, shopping bags, and bottle...

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    Ruby Star Wrapping inspires you to think resourceful, think reusable, think unusual when it comes to gift packaging. Raid the pantry for boxes, use old linens for pouches, and make beautiful accessories out of fabric and paper scraps—the 30 projects illustrate how to create beautiful, reusable packaging from the common materials in your home.

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    Kanzashi tsumami is the Japanese art of folding delicate squares of silk into three-dimensional flower petals. Get advice on materials; learn three petal-folding styles; and discover techniques for assembling a Kanzashi flower. The book includes 20 projects to wear and give as gifts, including tiny blossom earrings, flowers-in-your-hair clips, a belt...

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