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    In this digital world, bookmaking is more popular than ever. In as little as an afternoon, beginners will be on their way to folding, gluing, and sewing handmade books in a variety of shapes and styles, from rolled scrolls to Jacob's ladders and folded flexagons to case bindings.  

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    Look at books in a whole new way. These unique projects consist of far more than paper stitched between cardboard covers. Create books that magically unfold like a map, contain cards that slip into pockets, include pop-ups perfect for celebrating all types of occasions, and tell stories on a scroll. There's even one that unrolls like a movie! Fun for ages...

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    Even a beginner can start right out producing unique and elegant journals, albums, scrapbooks, and more. Use handmade books to hold your writings, poems, photos, and keepsakes. More than 170 photos inspire, and hundreds of illustrations guide you through the basics of a wide variety of imaginative styles.

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    Create a record of your garden with a book made out of seed packets. Collect your favorite recipes under the protective cover of a plastic cutting mat. Make simple memo pads out of recycle-bin scraps. In this collection of 28 Japanese bookbinding projects, traditional techniques meet contemporary style, from easy-to-fold accordion books to the intricate...

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    From zines you can fold in a minute to luxurious leather journals and sumptuous sketchbooks, How to Make Books will walk you through the basics of bookmaking. Whether you’re a writer, a scrapbooker, a political activist, or a postcard collector, book artist Esther K. Smith teaches you bookbinding using fun, foolproof illustrations and step-by-step...

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