Lunch Bags! by Design Collective

Twenty-five quick and easy projects to make your lunch eco-friendly and personalized, including reusable sandwich wraps, baggies, bicycle bags, sacks, and totes that can be washed in a dishwasher or washing machine. Make it waterproof with laminated cotton, oilcloth, nylon, or vinyl.

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Featuring contributions by designers Chrystalleena Beauchamp, Lucy Blaire, Leslie Bowman, Denise Clark, Leanne Dougherty, Jane Fitzpatrick, Shannon Fowler-Wardrep, Karen and Rebecca Garcia, Christine Hmiel, Debbie Hogan, Elizabeth Hutton, Catherine Janda, Janice Kalin, Christina Lane, Quenna Lee, Joan Leppek, Stephanie Lopez, Susan Lowe Heaney, Sandra Kay McCormick, Kimberly Paglia, Annika Rau, Mary Lynn Shroeder, Cheryl B. Steighner, Rebecca Striepe, and Yoko Drain.

128 pages
Publisher: C&T Publishing

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