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Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing by Lynda Maynard

Fashion designer and expert sewist Lynda Maynard makes professional sewing and finishing techniques accessible to every sewist with clear instructions in simple step-by-step stages. This handbook explains how to get stunning results with better shaping, simpler construction methods, and professional finishing touches.  

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Lynda explains several seemingly difficult "secrets," from making bindings and finishing for hems, armholes, and necklines, to underpinnings and structuring techniques. She also teaches how to master finishing touches, from textured stitches to couching and applique. A complete guide to the fabrics suited to each technique and inspirational fashion photography are also included.

Author Lynda Maynard has been designing and sewing clothes much of her life. She has a BA in textiles and clothing from San Jose State University and is an adjunct professor in the fashion design departments of two comunity colleges and a private design school in the San Francisco Bay area. She also has a private clientele, challenging her to develop innovative techniques to create a superior product. She is known in the industry as a fit specialist and is the author of the audio book Demystifying Fit.

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