Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Rashida Coleman-Hale has gathered talented designers from around the world to bring you 24 Zakka projects. Zakka, Japanese for "many things," is all about the little things that improve your home and appearance. Create a one-of-a-kind picture frame, a stylish bread bag, a whimsical bookmark, a tote, and more. These modern projects are a cinch to sew using basic patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery.

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Featuring contributions by Amanda Jennings, Amy Sinibaldi, Ayumi Takahashi, Christie Fowler, Holly Keller, Julia Bravo, Karyn Valino, Kat Mew, Katrien Van Deuren, Kim Kruzich, Larissa Holland, Laurraine Yuyama, Leslie Good, Lisa Billings, Masko Jefferson, Meg Spaeth, Melody Miller, Mette Robl, Nova Flitter, Pascal Mestdagh, Rachel Roxburgh, Shannon Dreval, Sonia Cantie, and Theresia Cookson. 

Award winner in the Crafts/Hobbies/How-To category of the 2012 International Book Awards

128 pages
Compiled by: Rashida Coleman-Hale   
Contributions by: Design Collective

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