Citronille Patterns Available in the U.S.

We are so excited to be carrying Astrid Le Provost’s line of Citronille sewing patterns. These patterns have been quite popular with bloggers like SouleMama (see her recent post on Citronille’s Suzanne dress), and are very difficult to find in the United States.

Coming from France, the Citronille line has more than 100 patterns, with about twenty of those patterns translated from French into English. We carry all of the English patterns, and if there is lots of positive customer feedback with interest in the French (untranslated) patterns, we will bring in many of those as well!

We have made a few shop samples, and will be making quite a few more and posting about them soon.

The Solveig Tunic came out so well! Abby made a size 10/40 in Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Cotton Blend in Flax, and made the one change of not gathering the sleeves.

The Essex was great to work with, and the yarn-dyed fabric in this line has a bit more drape than the solids. Next time we make a shop sample of this, we might try a voile or another lightweight fabric to give the blouse even more drape.

The square neck was fun to work with, and we suggest that anyone working with this pattern finish attaching the collar facing before sewing the sleeves and body closed. Waiting to make that seam makes it easier to spread out the shirt when sewing on the facing.

There are Solveig patterns available for adults, teens, and for children.

The Violette Dress for girls (sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8 years) is a great simple dress. This one was sewn in Tea Time in Aqua by Melody Miller, a canvas-weight linen-cotton blend.

The dress has an apron-style back, with button closures.