Fiddlehead Artisan Supply Online Gift Card

Fiddlehead Artisan Supply Online Gift Card

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***To purchase an in-store gift card, please see information at the bottom of this listing.***

After completing your purchase a gift card receipt with your specific gift card’s code will be sent to the email provided at checkout. Note: this is a digital purchase; no paper or plastic card will be sent to you.

Online gift cards are automatically listed under the purchaser’s name. However this can be changed to the gift card recipient's name by simply leaving a note with their information, both name and email, in the notes section at checkout. Please allow 2 business days for this change, though we will strive to do it on a much quicker timeline. Once this information is changed we will send the gift card recipient a direct email with their gift card code. That said, you can also leave the gift card in your name and simply forward your emailed receipt with included gift card code to the gift card recipient. Once they have the code they can use their gift card regardless of the name the gift card is under.

***It has proven to be somewhat complex to integrate our in-store gift card system with an online system. At this point it is best for the shop and customers who possess gift cards from our in-store system to keep the two independent systems in place. That said, it is possible to use an online gift card in the shop, and vise versa, and we are happy to help you navigate these options. Please contact the shop with any questions regarding the best gift card option for your particular situation.

To purchase a gift card to be used in our brick and mortar shop, please call 207-338-8422 or email ***