Citronille Patterns: Sewing the Alice Jacket

The Alice Jacket pattern from Citronille is for children’s sizes 2 through 8 years. The style takes us back a few decades with that vintage style that so many little ones love.

The Alice Coat from Citronille - Available in English

This jacket can be made with a lofty warm wool like the one above that Abby made, or in a lighter wool or other lighter fabric such as corduroy or a heavy linen like the Waterford Linen, or a Linen Blend. The jacket is lined, giving the maker a great opportunity to add a personal touch for the child with a fun quilting print that would appeal to their interests.

The Alice Jacket from Citronille - Available in English

Abby writes about about making the jacket: “As always, the wool fabric was wonderful to work with, as it both holds it shape, and gives a bit at the same time which makes it easy to keep seams even and smooth. I always think it is going to be hard to set in sleeves with the heavier wool fabric, but the give makes it easier for me than many light weight fabrics.

The Alice Coat from Citronille - Available in English

“I regret the size buttonholes I made. I think they are way too big. I had thought this size button would look good, but once the buttonholes were made, I realized that I should have gone down in size. I used fabric covered buttons, and found a solid that I thought worked well with the jacket. I had originally planned to use the print I lined with in the buttons, but ended up changing my mind as I wasn’t happy with how the print kept lining up on the finished buttons.”

When made with one of our heavier wools, and lined with a quilting print like this one, the jacket is warm enough for light winter wear. Not for the coldest days, but it would work well for high 20’s and warmer.

The Alice Coat from Citronille - Available in English