Felt Chains

We want to thank our friend Jennifer Howard from Felt Sew Write Designs for the inspiration for this project!

Felt Chains, just like paper chains, are a quick, fun, and easy project to do yourself or with kids.


Wool Felt We use our our felt rolls that include ten 4" x 8" sheets of wool felt. They provide an easy way to get a wide coordinated assortment of colors without having to buy ten full sized felt sheets. Our Felt sheets are also an option if you already have them or if you want fewer or different colors. If you are using our felt rolls you will have enough material for 160 felt loops.

Rotary Cutter or Scissors

Ruler or Measuring Tape

Glue gun

Glue sticks or craft glue (test the craft glue for adhesion and strength before using)

To cut the strips, you can use a rotary cutter as shown in the photos, or just cut freehand with scissors if you don't have that option, or if you are working with children and they aren't ready to use rotary cutters yet.

Cut 1/2" x 4" strips until you have a nice big pile to work from.

Put down a scrap of paper on your work surface to protect it from the hot glue. Using your hot glue gun (or a crafting glue that you have tested and works with the wool felt), put a dot of glue on one end.
Overlap the ends and pinch closed until the glue holds.
Put a strip through the first loop, put a dot of glue on, and put together to make a new loop.

Repeat until you are finished!

Play around with different sized strips. Here are some chains showing a few other sizes.

This chain, made from our "1980's Prom Dress" felt roll is made from 3/4" x 4" strips, giving a fuller look than the one in the directions that is 1/2" x 4".

This chain is made from 1" x 8" strips. The loops in this chain won't hold their shape nearly as well as the smaller loops, but it will still look very nice. This size is also easy to cut from the felt rolls. You can get four strips from one of the 4" x 8" felt pieces, and with the larger size, the project will be completed faster, possibly a good idea when doing this project with younger children!

We love this wonderful little project so much. It's a simple, affordable, and colorful way to celebrate changing seasons, holidays, birthdays, and more! We would love to see your felt chains. Tag us on Instagram with #createwithfiddlehead @fiddleheadartisansupply !