How to Make Jewlery with Glass Cabochons


Bezel Trays

Glass Cabochons to match the size of the Bezel Tray

Diamond Glaze

Tacky Glue or other adhesive

Decorative Paper (and colorful catalogs and recycled cards also work well)


Glass cabochons make lovely jewelry and perfect gifts. For a background image, gather together colorful catalogs, recycled cards, and decorative paper. You’ll find making these rather addictive!

(note: cabochon buttons cannot be washed)

Decorating the Glass Cabochon

Place the glass cabochon over decorative paper until you find the spot you want to use.

Put a few drops of Diamond Glaze on the back of the cabochon so you are sure the whole back will be covered when it is pressed on the paper.

Place the cabochon down on the paper, moving it around in place until you get it in just the right spot.

If there is too much glue on the sides, wipe up the excess with a tissue or cotton swab.

Once dry, cut away the extra paper around the edge of the cabochon.

Setting the Glass into the Bezel

Place a few drops of Tacky Glue or other adhesive onto the tray of the bezel. Place the cabochon into the tray and allow to dry.

Have fun creating with glass cabochons! This bezel was filled with Diamond glaze and glass glitter.