Introducing Translated Citronille Patterns!

We are so excited to announce that we now have many Citronille patterns translated into English. This winter we completed the translations for 23 designs, many in multiple sizes, totaling 50 new individual Citronille patterns that are now available at the shop and online. Throughout this post, there are pictures of just a few of the patterns we now have available.


The first time we saw these beautiful designs, we were excited to have them in our shop, but the patterns were just in French. A few years ago, Astrid Le Provost, the designer and owner of Citronille, released 26 of her patterns in English, and they have been very popular at the shop. So, with her permission, we have begun to translate more of her patterns ourselves.


With the purchase of one of the French patterns from our store or webshop, you will receive the Citronille pattern directions and pattern pieces, all in French. Along with this pattern, we will provide a separate sheet with translations for all of the pattern directions, including a conversion from centimeters to inches for all measurements. There will be another sheet that includes a translation for general sewing directions that appear on every pattern, as well as translations for every phrase (in alphabetical order) we have found on the pattern pieces. So, when working with the pattern pieces, you can use this “translation sheet” to easily find all the English translations of phrases you will need for the pattern you are working with.

We have done everything possible to make working with these French patterns as easy as possible, and hope that you will be pleased with what we provide!

We already have more patterns and translations that we are almost ready to put out, so keep checking back in with us and watch our selection of Translated Citronille patterns grow!