Nani IRO 2016 Double Gauze Available Now – Beautiful Japanese Fabric

We carry an extensive collection of Nani IRO Double-Gauze fabric by Japanese artist Naomi Ito. Naomi has been producing textile paintings for Kokka, since 2001.

Naomi Ito’s breathtaking designs are seen as “art on fabric.” Painterly, impressionistic watercolors are translated on double-gauze and linen-cotton blends with bold, colorful brushstrokes inspired by landscapes and nature.

Double-gauze is an extremely soft, beautiful, lightweight, 100% cotton fabric.

Many of the Nani IRO double-gauze patterns portray colorful flowers and birds as well as abstract patterns with unique line detail.

You can use double-gauze everywhere you want a soft touch: pillows, a summer skirt, wraps, tops and dresses, for baby blankets, or for a gorgeous evening bag.

Katy made the Scout Tee Shop Sample by Grainline Studio:

Grainline Studio has tutorials online explaining construction details, options to alter the pattern, and ideas for using different fabrics. Katy made this sample as a size 12, with Nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen Double Gauze, “A Brights / Flowers.”

We have double-gauze from other lines as well. This summery, soft baby blanket is made with Cotton + Steel “Dog Lions” Double Gauze, in Clover, by Alexia Abegg. It is backed in solid Light Green Kobayashi Double Gauze.

The Nani IRO linen-cotton blends are great for making shift dresses, tunics & kaftans, and are wonderful for bag making and home décor use. Ann made this Merchant & Mills Trapeze Dress with the Nani IRO linen-cotton blend “Water Window,” in grey:

Enjoy working with Nani IRO double-gauze for sewing airy, summery garments inspired by landscape and watercolor prints! Let us know what you make and feel free to use this hashtag when posting online to social media: #fiddleheadartisansupply