Sewaholic Patterns: Sewing the Rae Skirt

We are excited to be stocking the full line of Sewaholic Patterns. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sewaholic Patterns is a Canadian company founded a few years ago by Tasia St. Germaine. After altering sewing pattern after sewing pattern to flatter her curvy body, Tasia began Sewaholic Patterns. Printed on FSC–certified, recycled paper, the women’s clothing patterns are pretty, practical, and tailored to suit your body type.

Abby made our Rae Skirt shop sample out of a cute apple quilting print from Alexander Henry. The skirt has vertical seams along the front, back, and sides, creating a better fit and a more flattering silhouette than a rectangular skirt. With just a series of panels and an elastic waistband, this is a great project for a beginner, along with a flattering fit.

The skirt has three options – a short fully gathered skirt, a knee length fully gathered skirt, and a short less gathered skirt.

The skirt Abby made has a few variations from the pattern. She writes: “I preferred the slimmer design that style A offers, but I wanted a longer length, so when I traced out the pattern I extended the length by a few inches from both sides, and remade the curve of the hem. I was a bit concerned that it might restrict my leg movement, but that is certainly not a problem, the skirt has plenty of fullness!

There are so many great quilting prints like this apple one, that would make a fun skirt, but I find that quilting fabric works much better in skirts when lined. (Although, I do wonder if it would do well by itself in the fuller styles B and C.) I used a shot cotton, and am pleased with how the fabrics work together, and feel like the lining gives the skirt just the right amount of body.

On our web shop, we offer all of Sewaholic’s Patterns including the Rae Skirt. We have some other samples sewn up already, so you will hear from us soon about them.

Here are a few samples featured on Sewaholic’s website: