Simple Origami Valentine Heart

This sweet and simple origami heart is perfect for festive decor, little love notes, and kid-made Valentines for classmates. String them up, or hide a sweet note or treat in the pocket, and everyone will be feeling the love in no time!



Select a piece of origami paper.
Fold your origami paper in half, once from top to bottom and once from left to right.
Keeping your "main" color down on your work surface, bring the bottom edge of your paper up to the center line and crease, creating a quarter fold line. Repeat with the top edge of your paper. You know how 2 quarter fold lines.
Open the top edge of your paper back up.
Now flip your paper over to have your "main" color facing up at you. Maintain the top/bottom orientation of your paper.
Bring the bottom right hand corner up to the intersection of the top quarter fold line and the center fold line, and crease.
Repeat with the bottom left hand corner. Your bottom edge is now a point.
Flip your paper again.
Fold the right side edge of your paper to meet the center fold line and crease.
Repeat for the left side edge of your paper.
Notice the squares that have been created with your folds on the top right and left sides. Bring the top right corner to the lower left corner of your upper right square- please see image below -and crease.
Repeat for upper left square.
You now have a point at the top and bottom of your folded piece of paper. Bring your top point down to meet your bottom point, but don't crease just yet.
Notice the "flaps" created as you pull the top point down. Insert your finger into the right side flap to open it up a bit.
Before pressing the flap crease in place, refer to the picture below.
Press your flap crease open as demonstrated in the above image. Repeat for the left side flap.
Bring the top right corner down to create a point. Repeat for the top left corner.
Bring the top right point down to the line directly below it and crease. Repeat for the top left point.
Lift the bottom point and slip it into the interior pocket of your heart.
Your heart is complete and ready to make someone feel special!
To create a hanging heart decoration, grab a long piece of thread and a needle. Run your threaded needle through the paper on the back of your heart. Use a small piece of washi tape, hot glue and a button, or a knot to keep your heart in place on the thread. Continue stringing your origami hearts using your chosen method and hang when completed!