We Carry Merchant & Mills!

With a wonderful vintage style reminiscent of the 1930s and ‘40s, this British company’s mission statement caught our eye right away—“to elevate sewing to its proper place in the creative world, respecting the craftsmanship it entails.” Yes!


Merchant and Mill Patterns are available at our shop in Maine


Begun in 2010 by Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field, Carolyn creates the classic, simple designs for women’s wear which emphasize cut and silhouette beautifully. You will find very few fastenings and minimal closures and detailing of the kind that make sewing more complicated.

Merchant & Mills sewing patterns are in a multi-size tissue paper format. The patterns include a 5/8” seam allowance. Sewing patterns range from size 8 to 18* and include fully illustrated instructions.

*Since the company is based in East Sussex, Great Britain, the sewing patterns are listed in European sizes, but the pattern backs give the sizing measurements in inches (and the fabric requirements in centimeters, which can easily be converted to inches with a Google calculator).


The Trapeeze Dress from Merchant and Mills, Made from a discontinued nani IRO canvas print

Trapeze Dress made from a Nani Iro linen cotton blend print

Sleeveless Trapeeze Dress from Merchant and Mills. We carry this pattern at our shop in Maine
Sleeveless Trapeze Dress
made from Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Cotton Blen