Match My Thread ~ 100 Meter Sew-All Gutermann Polyester Thread

Match My Thread ~ 100 Meter Sew-All Gutermann Polyester Thread


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100% long staple polyester thread for all-purpose hand and machine sewing.

Save all the second guessing and let us match your thread for you! We know that it is basically impossible to match colors online from two different companies, so let us do it for you in person! We carry 223 colors of Gutermann's 100 meter Sew-All thread, so this is the best option for the closest color match.

  • When selecting the thread color, we will look to match the thread so that it blends in as well as possible. If a fabric has many colors in it, we will look to match a color that makes sense to us in how the thread will best blend in. If there is a color in the fabric that you want us to match, please let us know.
  • If there is not a perfect color match (which there often isn't) we will go with a shade slightly darker than the fabric as that will most likely blend in better than a lighter color thread. 
  • There may not also be a perfect match to the color family of your fabric, and again, we will do our best to find the most suitable option for you from what we have available.
  • This item is not returnable. You are taking a risk in purchasing this item that we may not match the thread in the same way you would.

If you are ordering multiple fabrics, please make sure to fill in the message box with a description of the fabric you would like us match to. Any additional guidance you give us will be helpful in finding the best color for you if you are asking us to match to a print. Examples are: "please match to the blue in the water of this print" or "I would like the thread to match one of the shades of orange in this print".

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