Glass Cabochons, 25mm Round, Eight Pieces
Glass Cabochons, 25mm Round, Eight Pieces

Glass Cabochons, 25mm Round, Eight Pieces


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These glass cabochons will fit into bezel trays with the corresponding tray size. The glass magnifies the paper or other material that it is placed on and makes beautiful jewelry, magnets, or other decorations. See below for directions on how to use these.

Shape: Round
Size: 25mm Diameter
Thickness: 6mm
Number of Cabochons in Package: Eight

Simply put a few dots of Diamond Glaze on the bottom of the glass cabochon, and press down firmly on the paper or other material you wish to use. Wipe any glue off the edge of the cabochon, and let dry for about 10 minutes.

Cut around the cabochon to remove the extra paper or other material.

Place a drop of glue in the bezel tray and set the cabochon into it. You can use a household glue such as tacky glue, or a much stronger glue such as E 6000 for uses such as magnets where the glass itself might be pulled on more than it would be with jewelry.

Allow to dry, and you are finished!

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