6.25 Ounce Waxed Canvas - Autumn Plaid
6.25 Ounce Waxed Canvas - Autumn Plaid
6.25 Ounce Waxed Canvas - Autumn Plaid
6.25 Ounce Waxed Canvas - Autumn Plaid

6.25 Ounce Waxed Canvas - Autumn Plaid


Unless otherwise noted, fabric is priced and sold by the yard. Ordering multiple quantities will result in one continuous piece.
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Picture strolling across an English Moor in your gorgeous weathered jacket - this is just the fabric you will need for your project!

Martexin Original Waxed Canvas, also known as oil cloth, is a high quality fabric, dyed and waxed in the United States. The 100% cotton fabric weighs 6.25 ounces per square yard before the wax finish is applied. The rolls of fabric we receive vary in width a bit, but you can count on a width of at least 52"

At 6.25 oz, this is our lightest weight, and it is very versatile, working well for both lighter weight bags that don't need a lot of structure and for lighter jackets or work aprons.

The waxed finish gives this fabric additional strength and water resistance. It cannot be washed, and instead needs to be wiped down with a wet cloth.

***Please note that we will fold your fabric when we ship it. This will make crease marks along all of the fold lines that will be lighter than the fabric, looking almost white or hazy.***

These lines will also appear as the fabric is handled while being cut and sewed for your project. This is normal for waxed canvas, and any creases made during shipping (or sewing) can be worked out by lightly heating the fabric with a hair dryer, which will work the wax back to it's original finish - this method is best used during construction or right after your project is completed.

Over time, as you use it, your finished project will also get scuffed and folded and creased. These marks are expected and desired by people who want to have items made from this fabric. As the item is used more and more, the marks will blend together to create the weathered patina that is desired from this fabric. If you don't want this kind of weathered finish, or if you know that you will need to be able to wash your finished item instead of just wiping it down occasionally, you may be happier with an untreated canvas such as Big Sur Canvas.

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