Default Kantha Quilted Fabric
Default Kantha Quilted Fabric
Default Kantha Quilted Fabric
Kantha Quilted Fabric

Kantha Quilted Fabric


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A centuries old south Asian tradition of repurposing rags and scrap fabric into beautifully hand stitched patchwork cloth, Kantha refers to both the stitch used and the cloth created. Traditionally a Kantha quilt is two pieces of fabric sewn together with a running stitch. Most often one side is plain while the other is a patchwork of fabric. That said some more modern Kantha quilts have a whole cloth (not patchwork) on both sides, one of those sides displaying a beautiful print.

Kantha cloth would be a wonderful choice for mid-weight jackets, robes, scarves, and home decor projects like throw pillow covers and blankets.

Please Note: Because kantha cloth is created from scrap fabric it is impossible to predict the exact layout or concentration of fabrics in each cut. Your fabric will be consistent with the colorway you ordered but more or less of any given print could be present than what is pictured in this listing. Additionally, the running stitches in the kantha cloth are not knotted. You will want to secure them by hand or by machine if you plan to use your cloth for garments or other projects such as pillow covers or blankets. Please view the last image on this listing for an up close shot of kantha stitching.

Please call or email the shop if you have any questions about this amazing fabric!

Origin: India
Width: approx 40”
Content: 100% Cotton
Care instructions: Wash on cool with gentle soap and like colors.

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