Nirvana Double Gauze Solid in White
Nirvana Double Gauze Solid in White

Nirvana Double Gauze Solid in White


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Nirvana Double Gauze Solids are a great basic to fill your wardrobe with soft comfortable clothes that look great! It will work well for tops, dresses, and loose flowy pants. Or, make a  light quilt or blanket with just two layers of the double gauze and no batting, maybe pair the solid with a print on the other side - the two layers of this fabric will make a luxuriously soft and light cover for your bed in the summer!

Double Gauze is just what it sounds like - two layers of gauze. Close inspection will show that the two layers are attached in a uniform, but pretty much invisible, series of tiny stitches. The soft loft from the two layers of cotton gauze gives the fabric a slightly three dimensional feel. The fabric is not transparent for the most part, and clothing made from it will probably not need a liner or slip, especially if you chose one of the darker shades.

This is a PFD (Prepared For Dye) white, which means it is white fabric that has not had the final finishes such as starch or other coatings that most fabrics get to keep them looking good on the shelves. Dyers can use this fabric without having to heavily scour it, although we would always suggest at least giving it a wash before dyeing it. And, if you just want white fabric for your project - this is the one for you!

Content: 100% cotton
Width: 42"
Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman

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