Pelagie Teen's Skirt, Citronille
Pelagie Teen's Skirt, Citronille
Pelagie Teen's Skirt, Citronille
Pelagie Teen's Skirt, Citronille

Pelagie Teen's Skirt, Citronille


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Gathered skirt, shaped waistband falling slightly at the hips, buttoned side closure.

Size: 10 years . 12 years . 14 years . 16 years

Citronille's Difficulty Level: 1

You will receive Citronille's pattern which is written in French. Also included is a complete translation into English for all written directions. Please see below for more explanation.

Recommended Fabrics: cotton, linen, poplin, gingham, printed fabric, Liberty cotton, fine wale corduroy, very light wool

Yardage: If using 140cm (55”) wide fabric:

10 years (Height 4' 6" ~ Chest 27" ~ Waist 22 ¾"): 1 yard

12 years (Height 5' ~ Chest 29" ~ Waist 25"): 1 yard

14 years (Height 5' 3" ~ Chest 31" ~ Waist 26"): 1 yard

16 years (Height 5' 6" ~ Chest 33" ~ Waist 28"): 1 yard

Supplies: Three 12mm (½ inch) buttons

Citronille is a French company, and most of their patterns are released only in French. We are excited to be able to offer this wonderful line to our customers. With permission from Citronille, we have made a complete translation of this pattern into English. We worked to make our translation easy to follow and as direct as possible from Citronille's pattern. We did not add to or take away from their directions.

When purchasing this pattern, you will receive Citronille's pattern directions and paper pattern pieces (printed on good quality white paper), all written in French. We will include two additional pages. One page will contain a complete translation into English of all the directions for the pattern. The other page contains the common directions that are found in every pattern, as well as a list of all the French you might find on the pattern pieces, translated into English. The pattern piece translations should be quite easy to use as the list is in alphabetical order in French, so you will be able to search quickly for any French terms you come across on the pattern pieces.