Radiance Silk Cotton Blend in White
Radiance Silk Cotton Blend in White
Radiance Silk Cotton Blend in White
Radiance Silk Cotton Blend in White

Radiance Silk Cotton Blend in White


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We absolutely LOVE Robert Kaufman's Radiance fabric! The silk cotton blend is woven in a way that brings the silk and its sheen to one side, the fabric isn't all silk though, and the cotton in the fabric brings out an uneven and almost gray patina to the fabric that makes it both elegant and informal at the same time. This fabric could be used to make a dress for a semi-formal event, or a top to wear with your jeans.

When you first get the fabric it will have a very shiny and even looking surface, but the first wash will bring out the patina described above. The fabric will also get lots of creases in it as it is wrinkled in the wash. These creases can be pressed to some extent, but will not press out completely. (At least we haven't been able to!) We enjoy this look, but want to make sure that your are aware of what you will get, and aren't expecting the appearance of 100% silk. Also, please be aware that sometimes the center crease from the fabric being folded on the bolt does not wash out, and that the straight line becomes one of the creases that develop when washed. This might not have great results in some situations, so please keep that in mind when planning your project.

Radiance is a great option for both quilting and apparel. We have used it in tops, skirts, in quilts, and even in our Tied Comforters with it when wanting to make them extra nice. Radiance and Liberty London Tana Lawn are a great paired together for a special project.

This is a PFD (Prepared For Dye) white, which means it is white fabric that has not had the final finishes such as starch or other coatings that most fabrics get to keep them looking good on the shelves. Dyers can use this fabric without having to heavily scour it, although we would always suggest at least giving it a wash before dyeing it. And, if you just want white fabric for your project - this is the one for you!

Content: 55% cotton 45% silk
Width: 43'' wide
Weight: 2.4 oz. per square yard.
Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman