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Dupioni Silk in Berry - 44" Wide


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Content: 100% Silk
Width: 44"

Dupioni is a gorgeous 100% silk fabric. With an elegant, lustrous sheen and a tight weave, it is a crisp fabric, easy to sew, and when washed it softens and is capable of a nice drape, great for making bridal garments, elegant skirts or evening dresses, as well as more casual workday garments.

When several silkworms spin cocoons closely together, the tangled fibers produced are used to make Dupioni, or double, silk, which has irregular crosswise ribs giving it a slubby, irregular texture. It is available in brilliant colors and is also reversible. Dupioni naturally resists wrinkles and takes creases well. Be sure to be precise when cutting out patterns; the fabric has little stretching ability. The edges will fray much more than cotton, and many people who work with it apply a light fusible interfacing such as shape-flex, Pellon's woven cotton interfacing.

Dupioni also makes stunning home decor fabric for creating projects like pillows, curtains and quilts. When quilting we recommend that you interface the Dupioni to stabilize it and to prevent the threads from fraying.

Dupioni color can bleed, especially reds and red-oranges, and red-purples. It is recommended that you test for that before incorporating it into your projects.

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